Global Issues 

The combustion of coal and other fossil fuels produces various harmful acid gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur oxides (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and mercury emissions. Release of SO2 into the atmosphere causes acid rain, while emissions of NOx causes the generation of ozone within habitable levels of the atmosphere. While ozone is important in reducing the sun’s damaging effects on the earth at higher altitudes, it is a hazard to human and animal life when within habitable atmospheric levels. Mercury emissions from coal fired plants acts as a neurotoxin, causing harm to the brain and nervous system. While short exposures to mercury emissions is very dangerous to pregnant women, young children and all adults are at risk for serious medical problems. CO2 remains the most harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) that contributes the greatest to global warming.

U.S and Global Regulatory Standards

  • Clean Air Act
  • Acid Rain Program (ARP): Standards for SOand NOx from the power sector.
  • CAIR: Three separate cap and trade programs for SO2 and NOx.
  • Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS): Standards for Mercury, particulates, and acid gasses.
  • Paris Climate Change Agreement, beginning in 2020

Millenium SynthFuels Solution: –  Carbon Emissions Reduction with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Exhaust Gas Clean-up and Recovery System for Fossil Suel Fired Power Plants (US Patent)

The Millenium SynthFuels patented Exhaust Gas Clean-up technology is the only proven and cost -effective emissions control system that can effectively remove SO2, NOx, CO2, and Mercury emissions from fossil fuel powered generating plants’ exhaust gases. Our technology does not require any changes or modifications to operational infrastructure of existing plants. The unique design allows fossil fuel plants to introduce harmful exhaust gas streams directly into our system before being emitted into the atmosphere. There are only 2 by-products with our technology- Calcium Sulfate and carbon dioxide. Calcium sulfate is a commercial product and carbon dioxide is captured and stored for various consumer uses including Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), carbonation, and others. This process is called carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Unique Features:

  • Universal- works with different coal and fuels
  • Continuous process
  • No changes to any power plant infrastructure
  • Direct feed of harmful gases from plant exhaust ports into our system
  • Carbon negative solution
  • Efficient and cost-effective carbon emissions solution
  • Removes mercury and other acid gases
  • Easy to deploy and scale
  • Revenue streams from byproducts of our process
  • Carbon capture and storage process (CCS)
  • Short time to market


Waste to Energy Technology-Plasma Gasification

Millenium SynthFuels Patented Plasma Torch for Gasification. (Patent # 9,380,694)

Landfills produce significant air pollution and hazardous health issues with ground water contamination, fires and explosion of gases. Combustion of coal for electricity produces the largest source of carbon and acid gas emission. With the awareness and global movement for climate change solutions, gasification technology is now a major consideration for cleaner energy production.

Plasma gasification is the new technology for converting municipal waste, biomass, plastic wastes, and coal into synthesis gas (syngas). Syngas is a gas fuel consisting primarily of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Syngas can be used to produce electricity, synthetic fuels, and as a substitute for natural gas. Syngas can also be used for various industrial and manufacturing applications.


Gasification, Syngas Enrichment and Purification with CO2 Liquefaction. (Patent # 9045377)

Our patented technology is the process for purifying and enriching syngas for use in generating various clean energy streams including gas turbine electricity, as a substitute for natural gas and CNG, and also for synthetic fuels.


Multi-Stage Temperature Separation of Gas Impurities-Cryogenic System (US Patent 9616374)

Our patented technology is a temperature based system for separating impurities from exhaust gases emitted by fossil fuel power plants. Our technology can also be used to reduce trace impurities present in synthesis gas.