Millenium SynthFuels (MSF) is an Arizona Corporation committed to providing clean energy solutions for Land and Oceanic Industries with a positive environmental impact. Our patented disruptive technologies reduce harmful emissions of CO2, SO2, NOx, VOCs, Hg, and incorporates carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Our Goal

Our goal is to build a bridge between the present and future of clean energy solutions! Alternative energy sources including wind, solar and others face many challenges including costs and decades of maturity. Decades without the reduction of harmful gas emissions will only increase and prolong the devastation to human life and the environment. Our technologies will carry us into a time in the future where newer and economical alternative energy solutions will be available.

Our Team

portrait of Lai Kuku

Lai Kuku, MCA


Lai Kuku graduated from the Oxford Air Training School, in Kidlington, Oxford, England in 1984. He received a master’s degree from Delta State University in Commercial Aviation (MCA), with a concentration on global transport economics. Along with his engineering team and various industry partners, Lai’s leadership has led MSF to develop several patented technologies that will enable the reduction of carbon and acid gas emissions from the exhaust systems of various industries.

portrait of Michael

Michael Woudenburg

Chief Engineer

Mike received his B.SC. in Mechanical Engineering degree from Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa. He is the lead engineer for the company’s Exhaust Gas Cleanup System and the Plasma torch. Mike’s superior knowledge of Numerical Control programming and ability to diagnose and solve problems has been instrumental in MSF’s successful research and development of the company’s various patented technologies.

portrait of Girish

Girish N, PhD

Principal Investigator

Girish received his master’s and PhD degrees from Arizona State University. he is responsible for fluid mechanics, failure analysis, and CAD modeling for the EGCRS, and the principal investigator for all of the company’s research and development activities. He has experience in CFD, Heat Transfer (electronic cooling) Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence Modeling, and in the areas of repair and maintenance, failure analysis and CAD modeling.

portrait of Kyle

Kyle Koleber

Engineering Design Analyst

Kyle received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Arizona State University and has built a strong relationship with MSF’s engineering team with his interpersonal and communication skills. In his role as an engineerign design analyst, he contributed to the design, modeling, testing, and analysis of the EGCRS, and MSF’s patent pending CO2 capture pathways. His attention to detail has enabled him to produce a wide range of engineering analysis to confirm various design requirements for MSF’s system designs.

Join us in building the bridge of today for future generations!