How It Works

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CO2 Emissions are Recoverable

Current Carbon Capture Solutions Fail

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Millenium SynthFuel’s carbon capture technology is more than an idea.

It has been built, tested, scaled, and proven to capture up to 90% CO2
at the Mayville Coal Boiler Station in November 2020.

Sequestering hazardous airborne elements and collecting profitable byproducts for reuse, while consuming precious little energy, will save the planet.

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Mayville Coal-Powered Boiler Test Results in November 2020 included:

90% CO2 capture rate

100% SOX removal rate

98% pure CO2 stream produced

Benefits Over Current Amine-Based Systems

  • 90% or higher CO2 capture efficiency
  • 60% or higher NOX scrubbing capability
  • Low power consumption system due to fewer components and pH swing
  • Easily deployable process from low infrastructural requirements
  • 100% SOX scrubbing capability
  • 90% or higher Hg (mercury) scrubbing capability
  • No system efficiency degradation from SOX and NOX or temperature factors
  • By-product revenue streams that offset or outweigh low-cost inputs
  • No solid waste, water contamination, or toxic gas emission concerns

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