Millenium SynthFuels has developed a carbon capture, sequestration, and utilization system that is unique and far more advantageous than any present-day mainstream carbon capture solution.

Our process utilizes efficiently captured CO2 to produce commercial byproducts that not only offset the input material and power costs, but become an additional, profitable revenue stream.

Millenium SynthFuels owns over 9 patents on this technology and related processes.

Test Parameters

  • Small-scale, garage-built system
  • 80 CFM exhaust gas flow rate
  • Held results for 3-hour test duration

Test Results

  • 60% CO2 capture rate
  • 60% NOX removal rate
  • 100% SOX removal rate

Test Parameters

  • Medium-scale system fabricated by University of North Dakota IES Department
  • 3 CFM exhaust gas flow rate
  • Solubilizers not yet introduced
  • Acid-dosing and patented membrane back-end tested
  • Held results for 2-hour test duration

Test Results

  • 90% CO2 capture rate
  • 100% SOX removal rate
  • 98% pure CO2 stream produced

Test Parameters

  • Industrial-scale system
  • 120-150 CFM exhaust gas flow rate
  • Testing to be completed on full-size coal-powered power plant
  • Utilizing back-end membrane system
  • 24-hour, 7-day test duration
  • Post-test chemical byproduct composition analysis

90% or higher CO2 capture efficiency

100% SOX scrubbing capability

90% or higher Hg scrubbing capability

60% or higher NOX scrubbing capability

Low power consumption system due to fewer components and pH swing

Easily deployable process from low infrastructural requirements

By-product revenue streams that offset or outweigh low-cost inputs

No system efficiency degradation from chemical or temperature factors

No solid waste, water contamination, or toxic gas emission concerns