Exhaust Gas Cleanup and Recovery System

Millenium SynthFuels Corporation (MSF) has 9 patented technologies that provide solutions for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Mercury (Hg), and Sulfur Oxides (SO2) emissions generated by various industries.

Coal and natural gas fired powerplants can be fitted with our technology at the exhaust phase without any infrastructural changes. Our technologies can be applied across other industries that produce CO2, SO2, NOx, and Hg emissions singularly, or in combination.

Industrial carbon capture and storage process

With the use of our patented exhaust gas clean up and recovery system, exhaust gases from the combustion of fossil fuels are introduced directly into our cleanup system where nitrogen oxide levels are initially reduced. The next step is the next removal of mercury vapor which is followed by a scrubbing system that significantly reduces carbon dioxide levels in the exhaust gas streams. After adoption of carbon dioxide in the flu gas, exhaust gas –now free of sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury vapor and co2– can now be safely released into the atmosphere without any negative impact on the environment. The next phase is a recovery system within which carbon dioxide recovered in the cleanup process is captured and stored, for later use in various commercial applications.

Emissions Solution for Ships and Oceanic Vessels

Our technology can be adapted to commercial ships and oceanic vessels to cut SO2 emissions and meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) global sulfur regulatory standards.

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